Wednesday, 22 June 2011

DemonHanzo's Make Your Own Comic Book: A self Journey To Making A Comic Pt.8

Make Your Own Comic Book: Writing Dialogue
This is perhaps one of the hardest things to write. You want your characters to convey information but also sound natural doing so. This comes down to how well you know you characters. Your characters cannot all sound the same because they should all have different personalities. I suggest reading and studying a few scripts from your favorite television shows. There are a few sites that allow you access to some old scripts. I suggest your favorite tv hows because you know (or should know) the characters well. You know how each one talks. You know what they would say and how they would say it. Also some of your characters may with hold information from other characters. For the most part dialogue should convey important information. But what your characters don't say is as important. Get down what your characters have to say and come back to edit and perhaps re-edit what they say. There is no hard fast rule but try to have them sound natural. Study the dialogue in your favorite comics. What do the characters say? What don't they say? It's all about driving the story forward. Even something that reads as trivial should be placed there to set a mood for what is about to come. Like the calm before the storm. I just lightly touched on the basics of dialogue in this post. There are plenty of books and exercises designed to help achieve a better understanding of this topic. Almost all them devote page space to tell the would be writer that the purpose of dialogue is to move the story forward. In fact all the elements of writing and pictures should move the story forward by either setting a mood or tone or give information that is vital to the story. If you're not doing this, you're not telling a story. I will reexamine the topic of dialogue at a later date. For now, just write enough dialogue that helps tomove the story forward.

Now I must be getting back to my own script.

Demon Hanzo

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