Thursday, 2 June 2011

DemonHanzo's Make Your Own Comic Book: A self Journey To Making A Comic Pt.3.5

Make Your Own Comic Book: Assignment Example
Heres one I did in ten minutes. It's mostly incoherrent drivel. The point is to get down your ideas as quickly as possibly, don't even stop for mistakes.

OK Styr ideas for m comic book tenmin non stop.

Ok jeff monkey blarg I can't do wait monkeys are funky
thy fling poo wh=o about monkeis that fling poo around and mess up peoples dates or persons who are jerks not those that are nice goody guy people butbu bad people  hmmmm

a business exec on a date with another girl a secnond girl cheating on his wife out of know where these primates come out and hmmm I don't know this is kinfo gross

welll let em me see if I can come up withsome other stuff I like batbman hes awesome. Hes a crime frighter andheuses his wits. I like one piece its a pirate adventure withdepth I
batmna onepiece type Idea anything there? maybe lets explore it

a rogue pirate vigialte running the seas on behalf of her majestys interest. hmm.maybe lets see he was captain of her majestys gaurd when all of a suddern something happens. he loses his title to a popuse jerk and he is reall not in the best intrest for the queen. ourhero quickly escapes capture and sets sail out on the seas to foil the newcaptainof the gaurd.

thats ok lets see if we can do better. the increadible hulk and scrawny guy syndrome. its about guys who feel helpless and lets out a monster when they get agry hmm. people might call these guys push overs, so a push over gets in trouble and gets upset and all of  a sudden things get out of control his nature takes over a powerhiddenwithin that unleashes to great harzard and dangers for those around him. hmmm. try flipping it instead of a hero. more like dr. jekyl and hyde type thing. hmmm how ca

Times up

 I wrote this in 10 minutes non stop  Except for these last sentences explaining I wrote this in 10 minutes. I left the Spelling errors in so you can see what it looks like. doesn't have to be good just something of a vague Idea you can build on later. Set a time limit and stop. Don't go on even if you have more to write. Just sit on it for a bit. I'd leave at least one night's sleep to work on it. And that's only if you have ideas you really want to do. Do this daily until you have a few ideas you'd like to explore further.  For those want to know how to make a manga use this same exercise. No excuse not to start to make your own comic book or manga.

Stay Tuned

Demon Hanzo.

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