Wednesday, 8 June 2011

DemonHanzo's Make Your Own Comic Book: A self Journey To Making A Comic Pt.4.5

Make Your Own Comic Book: Ideas Clean Up

When  doing clean up also set a time limit to force yourself to stay focused. I would give yourself 15 -20 minutes but go to 30 minutes if you need to. Also if you're deciding names give yourself ten minute slots for each name. Don't worry you can always change it later if your you need to.

Advice on picking Names: Start with a general Idea on what Names you would like to give your characters. For instance if your your story takes place in ancient times try to pick an ancient name. That said it does not matter if you already have names for your characters or not. Just make sure the name is fitting for your story. I like the name captian Wyld for my Pirate, but I also know it is going to be set in an older time, hence his first name is Bernhold. If you know the background( ethnicity) of your characters check a few baby names online and search names by origin. They usually have meanings listed with the baby names, making it easier to choose a proper name for your character. You can choose three maybe four names per character that you really like if you're undesicive, and choose to finalize a name later.

Former captian of Guard/ Pirate ( BernHold meaning rules as the bear/ and Wyld meaing wild uncontrolled)

Pompous jerk/ Current captain of the Guard ( Simply known as Cobus which means Supplanter or usurper)

The Queen  ( Catriona form of Kathrine meaning pure)

The revolts  (Wylde Grass, leader is Nolan Wylde a cousin to Bernhold The name Nolan Means famous)

The kindom of Empyrean In essence the purest land.

I suggest you have working names for your characters, as it will help organize things as you make your own comic book.

Captain Wyld Is in or near the castle of Empyrean near or next to queen Catriona. The Wylde Grass factions have risen up all over the country. The Lieutenant, Cobus is urging the Queen to take action to root out these Weeds. Captain Wyld tries to convince the queen to let him speak to the leader of the Wylde Grass to resolve the matter peacefully. The Queen trusts his word and allows him this chance. He Takes his leave and Cobus makes his move. Cobus asks a supposed innocent question does Bernhold hold the queen's interest at heart? Can we trust him to deliver justice to a family member? The queen asks which family member does captain Wyld seek to protect? To which Cobus replies His Cousin. They even name the revolts in his name. The seed of suspision is planted and the queen allows Cobus to investigate Berhold. Cobus has his own hench men detain Captain Wyld with other business.  The revolt goes off as planned and Cobus asks the queen about Captain Wyld's absence. The Queen is still unsure, but knows she must act to secure the peace of her kingdom. Cobus is suggesting the death of Captain Wyld but the queen issues his arrest instead to determine his involvement in the revolts. She then promotes Cobus temperarilly to the title of Captain. Cobus smiles and feigns obedience to the queen. Later we see Cobus meet with Nolan Wylde leader of the revolt and plots with himto overthrow the queen. Captain Wyld mean while is chasing Cobus' henchmen and finally cornering them. When he advances he realizes too late that he is caught in a trap. The revolt goes on as planned and Nolan makes his way to the queen. Cobus had set up the troops positionto the bulk of the revolters, but Nolan came around a route that he and Cobus had planned out. As he reaches the queen Nolan laughs and asks her if she would like to be planted or roasted. Cobus double crosses Nolan and kills him instantly on the spot. The Queen is tricked and gives Cobus the authroity to hunt down rebel factions. Captain Wyld is now viewed as an enemy to the state and is to brought to justice dead or alive. Meanwhile the captured Captain Wyld learns of the plot against the queen and the country. He escapes his bonds, and dispatches of his captors. He reclaims his horse and rides to as fast as he can to the Queens side. When He arrives he is surprised to see that he is enemy of the state. He avoids capture making his way to the queen.  He grabs the queen demanding that she come with him so that he can protect her but the queen calls out for the guards and Cobus arrives on the scene. Captain Wyld makes a plea to Cobus and Cobus responds that he does not listen to the pleas of known criminals. Captain Wyld ecapes capture fighting his way out of the castle and heads to the Docks. He takes a ship and heads out to sea. In the next port he hears news of Empyrean, the kingdom is in civl unrest Cobus is doing all he can to silence the revolts so the rumors are told. A man in the bar has news for Captain wyld. He was a Wylde grass rebel under Nolan and was hidden when Cobus made the deal with Nolan. When Captain Wyld rushes out of the bar he hears a few soldiers talk of plans to invade Empyrean,now that it has become weak. Captain Wyld rushes to sea to protect the Queens honor.

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