Thursday, 2 June 2011

DemonHanzo's Make Your Own Comic Book: A self Journey To Making A Comic Pt.3

Make Your Own Comic Book: Getting Ideas

O.k. So we understand that making a comic book requires a solid story, The question is how do we come up with a solid story? Let me answer that first by asking what kind of comic books do you like to read? Do you like gritty and grime crime fighters who rely on their wits to accomplish their goals? Does the unconventional stories appeal to you more then the spandexed titans of justice? The first part is to decide what comic books you like to read or would like to see. I hear some of you crying what about manga? Yes that includes manga. Which manga you read, and which stories appeal to you are the big first step in learning how to make a manga.

That's great D-Han, that really is but what does this have to do with making comic books/manga?

Well the point of knowing which comics you like - which type of stories appeal to you as a person in general- is that you can then write in the same genre. Fans of manga know that you can even combine genres to create a more unique and compelling story.

Your assignment if you should choose to accept is to write up your ideas in word pad or notebook. -Hey a scrap piece of paper works just as well. Just jot down your ideas. Don't stop writing for the full time. Write as many ideas as you can and time yourself to about 10-15 minutes tops. Then stop writing. I mean it. Stop! Leave it for a day. Oh and don't edit what you put down, seriously I mean it.  

Still got no ideas?

Write down your favorite comics, stories, mangas and write down why you like them. Write down anything really even that your bored with the assignment and its stupid. Write that the grout in between your titles in your bathroom could use a good scrubbing. Seriously anything that comes to mind. Just write for the full 10-15 minutes then stop.

To find out how we'll use this in your stories, Stay tuned.Same D-han time, Same D-han Blog.

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