Monday, 6 June 2011

DemonHanzo's Make Your Own Comic Book: A self Journey To Making A Comic Pt.4

Make your own comic book: Fleshing Out Your Ideas

OK so you've had time to do a few free writing assignments. Hopefully you have a few ideas that you would like to work with. If not keep doing the free writing assignments until you have an idea you really want to work with. For the purpose of this exercise I will use the pirate example from my previous post.
I had an idea of having a captain of the guard in a royal army who becomes a pirate in the interest of the the royal family (The Queen). He (Our hero) loses his position to another guy ( a pompous jerk). The new captain of the guard does not have the interest of the queen at heart. I wrote he (Our hero) escaped capture to become a pirate and to foil the new captain of the guard.

To flesh out the idea we have to ask ourselves some relevant questions. Lets start out with a few basic questions.

Since he was captain of the guard, what causes him to lose this position? How does the pompous jerk attain his new position? What are the names for our main characters?

 If these questions are hard to answer I suggest doing another free writing exercise designed to answer these questions. Around 10 minutes should be enough to answer all these questions. Again forget spelling and grammar. You can do a clean version later, just keep writing until you have answer to your questions. Also it's O.K. if you don't have any answers to some of these questions you give yourself. If It comes up, sleep on it and do another free writing assignment until your questions are answered.

Here's what my free writing looks like for the above.

Suspision was placed on him. How was he placed in suspisoin well how about the new captain of the gausrd placed it onhim. There may have  been recent uprisings through out the lands that have been lead by the pompous jerk in order to have thecaptain of the gausrd placed in suspicion.
the pompous guy has used it to havethe captain of he gaurd put in a bad place. the captain of the gaurd is a good guy and doesn't open fire on the revolting factions, he takes there concerns to the queen, the pompous jerk uses this to questionthe captain of the gaurds motives calling him a snake and putting the idea that in fact he is the revolting crowds leader. the queen is not sure but the jerk says to her well how come he let them go how come he did not fire on them or at the very least arrest them. and the queen thinks about it anddecideds the jerk is right and asks what should be done. And the jerk replies that the captain should be put to death. The queen says that is impossible as he has served the country well many years. The jerk then suggests his arrest and be locked away forever while he deals with the revolting crowds and finds out the truth. He meets with the rebel leaders andhas a royal squad open fire on them. He leaves no one alive and declares that he will place the blame on the captain of the gaurd. He said he would bring a peaceful solution to the factions but will say that the captain of the gaurd has ordered the rebels to go down fighting. The pompous jerk will say he Had no choice but to open fire and restore  the peace.

It's full of spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar. We can always polish up our idea's later. In fact I suggest resting for a bit before you do so. Give it time to gestate. Let the rough ideas you write work their magic while you do something else. Relax, read a few comic books, read a new book, watch some T.V. anything. Then come back to it with fresh eyes. You may discover better ways of answering your previous questions.

That's all for now.

Demon Hanzo

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