Tuesday, 31 May 2011

DemonHanzo's Make Your Own Comic Book: A self Journey To Making A Comic Pt.2

Make Your Own Comic Book: Getting started

A lot of would be Cartoonists fail to produce anything substantial - myself included - and I always wondered why that is. We love to draw, We love comic books, and yet every time we set out to try and make one, we fail. This leaves us asking ourselves, Why is it so hard to make your own comic book? I thought about it and to make a comic book, one first has to understand what comic books are all about. Recently I reread my edition of Scott McCloud's Understanding comics to help my understanding. Basically comics are the pairing of words and images in such away as to tell a story. The images are paired in an order that tells a story sequentially. For a better understanding I suggests reading Scott McCloud's book Understanding comics.

- For those asking How to make a manga the principles should transfer over to your feild as well.

So A comic(book) consists mainly of two parts the story, and the artwork(pictures). Without one the other elements fall apart. Of the two the most important aspect is the story. Without a solid story the comic will flop. This is true even for graphic novels without words. - Gon comes to mind - If story is the most important element how do we make the best possible story?

This is rather like asking ourselves how does one eat an elephant? The answer of course is one bite at a time.To work on making a viable comic one has to take it one step at a time. Sounds simple and it seems that way for some, but for a lot of us - yes myself included - we rush head long into our projects without first fleshing them out properly. So the absolute first part in getting a comic off the ground has to be in developing the story.

I'll be tackling story development in my next few posts. Stay Tuned.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

DemonHanzo's Make Your Own Comic Book: A self Journey To Making A Comic Pt.1

Make Your Own Comic Book: The Beginning

Ever since I picked up my first Comic book I was mesmerized by its contents. I would spend hours absorbed by the contents contained with in. The story never concerned me back then as I couldn't read half of it - Give me a break I was only 6 - I was captivated by the pictures within. Two mountainous forces meeting to do battle to decide the fate of world. I was hooked. Then another thing happened shortly after the thrill of the epic battle wore off. I realized that someone had drawn this. I drew pictures all the time and promised myself I would draw all the time. This comic I held in my hand opened a new universe, one in which I proudly stated "I have to make a comic book of my own."

I believe a lot of would be aspiring cartoonists made similar oaths to their younger selves. The problem was most of us didn't know how to go about making these things. Well its many years later and I still have only a vague inkling on what it takes to actually put one together. Oh I know there are tons of tutorials and how-to's on teaching people to draw superheros, or how to make a manga, but very few of these actually give more than a small notion on what it takes to make a comic. Fewer still go from cover to cover of an issue, and fewer still talk about the process of independently producing your own works.I don't claim to have all the answers to the questions I am looking for. By making this blog I hope to help some others along the way.
This is a chronicle of my journey to make and publish my first comic book.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions.