Monday, 13 June 2011

DemonHanzo's Make Your Own Comic Book: A self Journey To Making A Comic Pt.6

Make Your Own Comic Book: Plot out your story.

You have an idea already of what your story is about. Now you need to plot out you story.There is no one way to do this. I suggest another free writing session. It doesn't matter if its rough you are just getting ideas down on the page. If you know your characters motivations it should be easy to write. The best way to write is too add conflict. A story without conflict is just the mundane events in our lives. Try to make it difficult for you characters, to get what they want. If some one wants money but refuses to work for it try to force them to. The characters may resist and have an attitude about it ,but they may reluctantly do it. You can flesh out simple concepts too. They might hate to work because they see it as degrading and when they accept the fact that they have to, have someone come along and add to their degradation.

Mark wants money but doesn't like the fact of working at a burger joint to get the money. He sent resumes to a bunch of different places and received no callbacks from any of them. However Burger Joe employees always approach him to offer him a job. He always rejects but today he reluctantly accepts. He starts working there and his first day he thinks about how degrading this is and hopes no one will notice him. However someone does notice him a girl he likes. She's cheerful and makes fun of his dorky outfit. He can't believe he is doing this job.

It doesn't matter what the motivation for you character is. If you make it to easy for them there is no story. Only events. Of course you could also change what you character wants. For example what if Mark had won the lottery. He has his money and he got what he wanted, but if you make a story of how every where he goes this money brought him nothing but trouble the story becomes more interesting. You could make it so that he wants to get rid of this money. So when he gets rid of it what happens? How about he comes into more money. And every time he gets rid of the money bad things happen and he ends up with more money.

The point is to make it hard for your characters. The stories people remember are the ones in which the goal is hard to achieve. People are interested in the journey to the goal. If they ever get to achieve the goal one of two things needs to happen.  Either the goal is achieved through a logical work or effort. Or the goal once achieved is changed to a new goal.

Plot down scenes for your character. Each new obstacle can be a new scene. Each scene can contain several tiny obstacles.  If you can think of only the middle of the story start there. If you can only think of the end start there. If you can only think of the beginning start there. If you have a scene in your head and are not sure where it should fit start there. You can work backwards and forwards in any scene. Most people like to start close to an origin story or the first events that led to the protagonists predicament. Start some where and build on it.

You can't work with nothing so put something down on the page. Look over your notes and try to get a story going. 

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